RFDP Zambia partners with Zambia Governance Foundation to Promote Gender Equality and Women participation in Local Governance and decision making (2011 to 2019))

Zambia like many other countries is concerned about the situation of women and recognises that women and girls should enjoy the rights to participate in local governance and decision making on equal terms with men and women, boys, and girls in every area of life. Unequal power relations mean that millions of women and girls in Zambia are denied their basic rights and therefore kept in poverty.  They may suffer physical and sexual violence, socially excluded from participating in governance structures, be discriminated against in the community, workplace and in school, and be denied the opportunity to influence and take part in decisions which impact their lives.

It is against this backdrop that RFDP Zambia launched a Lundazi women’s rights and local governance promotion project (LWRLGP), whose main goal is to increase women participation in local governance and decision making and ensure that women and men benefit and participate equally in the development process in Lundazi and Lumezi District in eastern Zambia.


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