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Rising Fountains Development Programme is led by a Board which is comprised of 10 Members from various disciplines who lend their skills, guidance, and knowledge to RFDP Zambia.

The main purpose of RFDP Zambia Board is to make strategic decisions by providing strategic policy direction, insights, governance, expert knowledge, and guidance. The board is also responsible for making sure that organisations operations are running smoothly and meeting the intended goals and objectives.


The following are members of RFDP Zambia Board

  1. Board Chairperson: Chalton Phiri
  2. Vice Board Chairperson: Nelly Phiri
  3. Board Secretary: Siyani Zimba
  4. Vice Board Secretary: Rev Willian Nyirenda
  5. Board Treasurer: Alick Nguni
  6. Board Member: Bishop Christopher Nkhowani
  7. Board Member: Bishop Martin Kamangala
  8. Board Member: Magistrate Hilda Ngoma
  9. Board Member: Magistrate Richard Ngulube
  10. Board Member: Allebaugh, Jeyhoun Paul

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