Donation Policy

Section 1. Purpose
The purpose of this policy is to establish a formal process for acceptance and documentation of donations made to the Rising Fountains Development Programme (RFDP). This policy provides guidance when individuals, foundations, families, Companies, Churches, community groups, and businesses wish to make donations to the RFDP Zambia. This policy also establishes the standards for RFDP Zambia employees regarding the acceptance of gifts and donations during the performance of RFDP Zambia programme activity implementation.

Section 2. Types of Donations
Donations may be offered in the form of cash, real or personal property. Designated donations mean those donations that the donor specifies for a particular RFDP Zambia department, location, or purpose. Undesignated donations mean those donations that are given to RFDP Zambia for an unspecified use.

Section 3. Consistency with RFDP Zambia Interests
Designated donations may only be accepted when they have a purpose consistent with the RFDP Zambia goals and objectives and are in the best interest of Development of Zambia. RFDP Zambia must always consider the public trust and comply with all applicable laws when accepting donations.

Section 4. Acceptance of Undesignated Donations of Cash or Tangible Items
All donations to RFDP Zambia, including offers to employees related to RFDP, shall immediately be submitted for consideration for acceptance. Based on the value of the donation offered as outlined below, appropriate RFDP Zambia staff shall review every donation and determine if the benefits to be derived warrant acceptance of the donation. The following points list the threshold amounts for donation acceptance.

A. Offers of donations of cash or items valued at $5,000 or below may be accepted by the Programme Manager or Finance Manager.
B. Offers of donations of cash or items valued more than $5,000 and up to $10,000 may be accepted by the Programme Director.
C. Offers of donations of cash or items valued more than $10,000 must be accepted by the RFDP Zambia Board. Donations valued at more than $10,000 shall be accepted through a written statement with these guidelines and approved RFDP Zambia Board.

Section 5. Acceptance of Designated Donations of Cash or Tangible Items
Based on the value of the donation offer as outlined in Section 3 above, appropriate RFDP will review the conditions of any designated donation and determine if the benefits to be derived warrant acceptance of the donation. Criteria for the evaluation include but are not limited to:

A. Consideration of an immediate or initial expenditure is required in order to accept the donation;
B. The potential and extent of RFDP obligation to maintain, match, or supplement the donation;

Section 6. Acknowledgement of Donations
A. A Donation Acceptance Form is required to be completed by the receiving Staff or RFDP Zambia Programme Director for all donations provided to RFDP Zambia (form attached).
B. Acknowledgement of the donation should be in writing and be the responsibility of the Programme Director who is the beneficiary of the donation. Undesignated donations shall be acknowledged by Programme Director A copy of the acknowledgement agreement should be forwarded to donors.
C. The Donor Acceptance Form including the donor names and donation amounts are public information subject to disclosure pursuant to the Laws of Zambia.

Section 7. Declined Donations
A. RFDP Zambia reserves the right to decline any donation if, upon review, acceptance of the donation offer is determined in the sole discretion of the organisation to be not in the best interests of the organisation.

Section 8. Distribution of Donation
A. Tangible items will be distributed to appropriate RFDP Zambia departments for use or, at the discretion of the Programme Director, disposed of in an appropriate manner according to this policy.
B. Donations of cash for designated donations will be deposited into the appropriate revenue account for the organisation.
C. Donations of cash for undesignated donations under $5000 will be deposited into RFDP Zambia General Fund donation account. Undesignated donations in the amount of $5,000-$10,000 will be designated to the Organisation Projects Grant Program. Undesignated donations in an amount over $10,000 will be distributed at the direction of the organisation.

Section 9. Dissemination of Information
A. A copy of each Donation Acceptance Form for accepted donations shall kept in the lockable cabinet at the Head office.
B. Each original Donation Acceptance Form shall be maintained by Administrative Assistance at the Head Office.


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