Refund / Cancellation Policy

This donor refund policy outlines the terms and conditions under which a donor can request a refund for a donation they have made to Rising Fountains Development Programme. While there may be no state, or local mandate for having a refund policy, there are circumstances that mandate a refund. Below are some of the circumstances that permit a refund:

  1. A refund must be issued if the terms of the donation agreement are no longer feasible. If the donor stipulates the funds are to be used for constructing a new building and that building is no longer an option for the organization, the organization must refund the contribution or get permission from the donor to reallocate the contribution.
  2. A refund will be issued if requests in certain circumstances, particularly if there was an accidental duplicate donation, processing errors, or instances where the donor can demonstrate that the donation was made under fraudulent circumstances
  3. Timeframe for refund requests shall be within 30 days of donating: a donor must submit a refund request within this timeframe and if 30 days elapse a refund will not be made. This will be necessary for reconciliation and auditing purposes.
  4. Refund process: a donor requesting for refund requests will contact the organization's finance team, filling out a refund request form, or following a specific process outlined by the organization. This provides a "checks & balances" for all parties involved.
  5. Refund methods: The refund methods include returning the donation to the original payment method (such as a credit card or bank account) or offering alternative options, such as a credit towards future donations.
  6. Exceptions/restrictions: Donations made during specific campaigns or events are non-refundable.
  7. The donation was not authorized by the donor

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