RFDP Zambia Partners with Civil Society Environmental Fund to promote Sustainable Forests management and livelihoods Improvement in Lundazi and Lumezi districts of eastern province (2017)

Degradation of Natural Resources including the ways in which food is produced impacts future climate and sustainability of forests and landscapes in Zambia.

Recently, however, due to the rapid increase in population in Zambia, has resulted in an increased pressure on land, causing a substantial degradation of the forests and vegetation cover, with deforestation rates being as high as between 250,000 to 300,000 hectares per year (ILUA 2005-2008). Annual productivity of regenerating woodland is estimated at 2.5t per ha of which 40% is hard wood suitable for charcoal. The rapid degradation of the forest’s woodland ecosystem is a global concern and one of the major causes of climate change. Many physical and biological systems are being affected by climate changes around the world, this situation has aggravated the problem of poverty in Zambia resulting in a vicious cycle of environmental degradation and financial destitution.

To respond to these challenges, Rising Fountains Development Program with funding from the Ministry for foreign affairs of Finland, Civil Society Environment Fund (CSEF2) in partnership with Zambia Forestry College, Forestry department and the community, will be implementing an Improved Forests Management for Sustainable Livelihood Project (IFMSLP)

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