RFDP Zambia hands over a 1 x 2 Classroom Block to the Ministry of Education at Mwandakwisano Primary School in Mambwe District, Eastern Zambia (2022)

RFDP Zambia, with support from the Apo Bank Foundation, has handed over a 1x2 classroom block and an Electric Hammer Mill at Mwandakwisano Primary School, to the Government of the Republic of Zambia in Mambwe district. 

Speaking at the handover event, Mambwe District Commissioner Mr William  Banda said Rising Fountains Development Programme has been a key partner in fostering development in the area. “Through its Mwandakwisano Integrated Rural Development Project, in addition, RFDP Zambia installed and handed over an Electric Hammer Mill as part of the Income Generation Project for the school. Further, the organisation has been raising awareness on other health related activities, he said.

"Today, we have gathered here to witness a grand handover of an education facility for the community. We are indeed grateful for your efforts and those of the entire organisation", added the District Commissioner addressing RFDP Zambia Programme Director and Apo Bank Foundation representative. RFDP Zambia has been an all-weather friend organisation whom we have seen complementing government in all spheres of life.”

The District Education Board Secretary Represented by the District Planner, Mr Richard Lubafu thanked RFDP Zambia for being part of the noble cause in the education sector in the district. He appreciated the organisation for the good gesture of providing the 1 x 2 classroom block to the government of the republic of Zambia and he urged the organization to continue with the interventions towards education sector in the district.

RFDP Zambia Programme Director noted the importance of the classroom space, especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. “In this era of COVID-19, physical distancing in the classroom is important to ensuring pupils’ safety during lessons", he said. "This is why we believe that the 1x2 classroom block comes at the right time because it gives an opportunity to the learners at Mwandakwisano Primary School to learn in a safe and conducive environment.”

His Royal Highness Chief Kakumbi thanked RFDP Zambia and the Apo Bank Foundation for the support for providing the infrastructure at the school which will help several leaners to have learning space and attain basic education. He urged the community to take good care of the infrastructure.


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