Plant trees. Regenerate Forests. Save lives.

Improved Forests Management for Sustainable Livelihood Project (2years)
Target: $150,000


When forests are destroyed by cutting trees for charcoal production, clearing land for agriculture, and cutting trees for fuel wood in forests protected areas, the land can no longer support local communities, and many have no option but to relocate, becoming climate refugees.

When landscapes are degraded, forest areas deforested, we reverse  the problem of land degradation and deforestation by working  with local community members and Schools to produce, plant, and protect millions of trees each month to help mitigate the effects of climate change and restore deforested areas.

When you start a fundraiser or donate, you are helping RFDP Zambia tackle the five priority Environment Natural Resources Management  issues at stake which are: i) decreased biodiversity, habitat loss and animal human conflicts; ii) soil degradation; iii) Water scarcity and flooding; iv) Social consequences; v) effects of climate change



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