P.O Box 530230 Lundazi.
Mobile: +260 977 219 239 and 0955 430 547
rfdpzambia@gmail.com and mathias@risingfountains.org
Change the life of a child from poverty
and give them hope!
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The vision of RFDP is:
Transformed and empowered people living healthy lives in Zambia’
The mission statement of RFDP is:
To improve the livelihoods of women and children in rural Zambia through community mobilisation, partnerships, capacity building and advocacy’
The core values of the organisation are:

  • Integrity

RFDP will be committed to be totally trust worthy to our clients, support structure and our development partners. We shall abide to our plans, promises and commitments, and keep the image of the organization.

  • Equity and respect

RFDP encourages women and men to play an equal role in shaping their own future. RFDP promotes equal participation of all people (male, female and children). We recognizes the gender concept that both genders are equal and committed to sharing of roles, resources and responsible for equitable development. We will not assign roles simply because of gender or assign importance to roles and responsibilities because of gender. We seek to uphold the value and dignity of every human being at all time and RFDP endeavours to uphold and respect the rights of every person including children. This is done during our planning implementing and monitoring of our programs, projects and plans.

  • Accountability and transparency

RFDP promotes and believes in the culture of openness in the running and governing of the organization programs and projects both to direct and indirect beneficiaries and development partners (client’s and partners).
RFDP promotes the spirit of accounting for financial, human and physical resources to the resource providers and beneficiaries.

  • Hard work

The success, development and progress of RFDP will be based on this value, and we shall tirelessly work hard in all our activities.

  • Team work

A fundamental factor to the success of RFDP’s projects is the team work and involvement of the Community at the grass root level in activity implementation and decision making and the ever presence of the organization in the community. RFDP shall ensure team in implementation of projects.

RFDP Strategic goals
The strategic goals of the organisation are:

  1. To strengthen RFDP into an efficient, effective and sustainable organisation in Zambia and beyond.
  2. To influence leadership at various levels to formulate and implement polices to improve the livelihoods of women and children in rural communities in Zambia
  3. To  build  the capacity of women and children in health and sustainable agriculture, education and livelihood and enterprise development in communities of Zambia
  4. To strengthen partnership and networks on women and children livelihoods in rural communities in Zambia.
RFDP - Rising Fountains Development Program, Zambia