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Mobile: +260 977 219 239 and 0955 430 547
rfdpzambia@gmail.com and mathias@risingfountains.org
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Position 1: Researcher(s)
Length of Position: Ongoing
Experience: Knowledge of International Development/Donors/Grant Writing

RFDP is seeking enthusiastic individuals who would be interested in conducting research for our organization.  Our lack of internet access makes it very difficult to research for donor prospects and/or potential project proposals. Jeannie McCann Volunteering at RFDP
The role of the researcher would be to:

  • Research for donors that fund projects in Africa/Zambia
  • Send us proposal guidelines of various donors, government aid agencies, etc, and also inform us on the latest call for proposals on various projects RFDP is currently doing.
This is great opportunity for individuals with experience and knowledge in the international development field. Interested candidates, please send an email to
Mathias Zimba (Executive Director)

Additional information about our projects and programs will be sent to interested candidates.


Annie Parker with OVC in Lundazi.

Our Recent International Volunteer Perry De Lavega with one of the Community members Johnstone Mvula in Chief Kazembe, Lundazi-Zambia,

Position 2: Fundraiser(s) RFDP-ZAMBIA Length of Position: Ongoing Experience: None is seeking enthusiastic self-starters to join our fundraising team!  We are seeking fundraisers to help us solicit funds for our various projects and campaigns.  Our most urgent campaign is for the purchase of a vehicle to better sere our beneficiaries in our project areas in the Luangwa Valley.  Another urgent campaign is for the procurement of office computers in order to work more effectively and efficiently.Fundraisers can also help to raise funds for specific projects in various sectors such as: No experience needed.  Interested individuals will receive an information packet on fundraising ideas along with all the campaign information and organizational information needed to be successful.  We hope to hear from you soon.  Interested individuals can contact Mathias Zimba, Executive Director at

Position 3: Volunteer(s) at RFDP, Lundazi, Zambia Length of Position: Minimum 3 months Experience: University Degree is seeking international volunteers to come and work at our offices in Lundazi, Zambia.  We are seeking people with various types of skills and experience that would help to build our capacity and make our organization stronger and more effective is its work.  Specifically we are looking for individuals with experience in: Volunteer Opportunities at RFDP-Zambia Edit last paragraph only the rest should remain the same.(replace the current text on the last paragraph only on this page with the following updated information) Volunteer placements occur year round and are for a minimum of 3 months. Our next opening(s) are for September-November 2012. Interested candidates please send your resume and cover letter to the Executive Director of RFDP, Mathias Zimba at   or . Further information about the placement will be sent to interested/shortlist candidates.

RFDP - Rising Fountains Development Program, Zambia